Politecnico di Bari

Politecnico di Bari is Italian state university with a strong scientific-technological character. It was established by Law no. 245 of August 7, 1990. It is the youngest among the three Italian Polytechnics and the only one of Southern Italy. The Politecnico di Bari was born thanks to the recognition of assets and of recognized prestige to the long existing Faculty of Engineering, University of Bari, born well before with courses offered from winter since 1943-44, during the courses of the University of Bari.

Polytechnic form architects, engineers and industrial designers, releasing academic titles of university diploma and bachelor's degree (old system, subject to availability), graduation, graduate, PhD, with the corresponding academic qualifications, as well as the university's master and level II.

Politecnico di Bari is organized in sectors that contribute to achieving the objectives of the University by providing administrative and technical services which respond to both internal and external requirements.
Following the reform determined by the Law 240 of 2010 and the subsequent statutory changes, Politecnico di Bari has structured its organization on the basis of exclusively departmental, with an aggregate of 5 major departments:

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Contact Details

Amendola Str, 126/B
P.C.: 70126 Bari,
Tel: +39 099 473 3111
Sito web: http://www.poliba.it/